The Whitehouse Church is part of the Crosslink Christian Network and is pastored by Geoff Roberts. Geoff and Jess married in early 2005 and have three beautiful children, Ariella, Gideon and Theodore.

Geoff has a Master of Divinity from Morling College and holds to a Neo-Anabapt~ish worldview and has been in ministry for almost two decades. He believes personal growth happens best with great coffee and community. Geoff also works as a Biblical Living teacher at a local Christian college.

If you’re interested in Geoff’s personal theological worldview you can also check out the ReKnew Manifesto as it reflects his core beliefs pretty closely.

The Whitehouse Church also has a management committee made up of women and men, and a diligent team of volunteers that keep everything running smoothly!

You can also find Geoff on the web by following these links: