The Whitehouse Church is a Christian community of young adults and families that meet in a big white house (hence the name) on the northern side of Canberra. As a community based church it is central to our values that members build deep and meaningful relationships with one another (which is just a long way of saying we like hanging out together). It is our aim to create an environment where everyone feels safe, loved and supported as they journey through their lives and faith. We don't expect everyone to agree on everything and we do our best to welcome all people into our community.

We're fans of Greg Boyd, Bruxy Cavey, Brian Zahnd and the ReKnew Manifesto. If you're looking for a community that loves kids, has honest discussions about faith, and excellent coffee you should definitely come check us out. We have a Facebook Page here that has all our details if you are interested in coming along. We also have a podcast if you're interested in catching up on a missed message or checking us out. You can find our podcast information here -

Midweek Meetings
We have lots of opportunities to hangout so send us a message and we'll let you know what is going on!

Wednesday Playgroup
We have a super casual playgroup during the day most weeks on a Wednesday starting at 9:30am and finishing around 11:30am. Basically we drink coffee, tea, chai and hot chocolate and have some morning tea together. Mums and dads are equally welcome, we even have a few aunties, uncles and grandparents that drop in. Be sure to contact us if you're coming so we can let you know any last minute details.

Sunday Service (everyone is welcome)
Our regular service begins at 10:30am but most people arrive a bit earlier to have coffee and tea! Also, make sure you checkout our Facebook page just in case our meeting has a different time or location that week. After the service we have a community lunch for everyone who wants to hang out (you don't need to bring anything and we cater for gluten/dairy free).

We frequently have special events and services that fall outside our advertised meeting times so please contact us or check our Facebook Page if you are visiting so we can be sure you turn up at the right time and location. We also have a podcast!
That's right... we meet in a big white house. 😃